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Portal: A Rare Glimpse at UAP/UFO Wormhole Technology? (Updated 4th July, 2021)

By Lee Nicholson. 3rd May, 2021

Artistic Reconstruction. Credit: Victoria Morris, Incredible Creations Ltd

Between 6:20 and 6:30pm on the 22nd of February 2021, something extraordinary unfolded in the skies above the town of Colne, in Pendle, Lancashire, UK. The event, witnessed by a 72 year old man and his wife, only lasted for a minute or two, but may have profound implications for our understanding of the UAP/UFO phenomenon.

**Update: With a new sketch and testimony from Mrs Denise Gibbons -

Just prior to the publication of this article I passed a copy to Ian and Denise Gibbons for their review. Ian responded promptly and commented that everything was "very interesting and correct", as far as research and details were concerned. Then, in a somewhat bemused tone, he added; "my wife, Denise, decided to tell me, after all this time, she saw lights on the UFO. Don't know if this will help you?"

I immediately regretted not making more of an effort to speak with Mrs Gibbons and arranged a phone call for the following day. Scroll down to read the transcript of our conversation and see the new sketch.**


The story first surfaced in an article from the Lancashire Telegraph on the 14th March, which revealed the name of the witness as a Mr Ian Gibbons and contained the following quote:

"... all of a sudden this UFO came out of a portal - it was red and orange and circular." (1)

The article was interesting, but lacked detail, I needed to know more.... A LOT more! Research showed that Mr Gibbons had also reported his sighting on LinkedIn on the 10th March. (2) Armed with this new information, I reached out to the journalist who wrote the piece and sent a message via LinkedIn in an attempt to get in touch with Mr Gibbons.

A couple of weeks followed with a frustrating lack of progress, until Colne based researcher Andrew John Bradley posted an audio interview with Mr Gibbons on his YouTube channel, 'Pendle Hill UFOs’. (3) I messaged Andrew and found him to be a very friendly and helpful person who had his own 'portal' experience in 2013, (which we will look at briefly later.) At this point I also received an email from Mike West of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU). (4) They too were very interested in the case and I offered to visit the scene of the event and record a video interview with the witness, if possible.

True to his word, Andrew Bradley soon put me in touch with Ian Gibbons and a brief phone call interview followed, after which we made arrangements to meet on the following Wednesday morning. On the 31st of March myself and my fiancée and business partner Victoria Morris, made the short five mile trip to Colne and arrived to find Mr Ian Gibbons waiting. Unfortunately, Mrs Denise Gibbons was not present as she had another engagement.

We spent approximately one hour with Ian Gibbons and found him to be a friendly and honest individual. (Hand sanitizer and face masks were used during our visit.) We detected no hint of deception or exaggeration at any point during our time together.

Watch the full witness interview, below. (Edited with help from Mike West and SCU.): Direct link :

After visiting the sighting location we determined the the event occurred in the South-east. Using a 'Sky view' app and setting the appropriate date and time, it became clear that the bright star that Ian Gibbons refers to as "Venus" was in fact Sirius. (An easy mistake for somebody with only a passing interest in the night sky and does not detract from the sighting.)

Map showing location of event and direction of flight. Credit: Google Maps.

(The following transcript has been slightly edited for readability.)

Transcript of interview: (31/03/2021):

LN - "Could you tell us about your sighting please?"

IG - "I went to my patio doors there and Venus had just come out, so I was busy looking at that... Next minute, I saw this swirling... it was in line with Venus, as I've shown in the drawing there.. when I saw this disc type of thing coming through... and it sort of came through bit skewed you know..."

Original sketch. Credit: Ian Gibbons.

"I got my binoculars and I got a good view of it, even through the binoculars it just looked like a round disc, reddish-orange colour... told my wife, she came to have a look.."

Sketch of object as seen through binoculars. Credit: Ian Gibbons.

LN - "Did she get a look at it? ... "

IG -”My wife saw it, and then it shot up... I think I’ve drawn an angle on there and that’s how it shot up... quite high. Then it just stayed there and hovered.. and then it converted to that spaceship there... whatever it is, it must be a flying saucer, I don’t know..."

LN - "Really ..and that's when it started heading over this way?"

IG - "It headed towards Skipton.. I would say north west.”

LN - OK, so if we go back to the beginning... when you first noticed this "portal" ... was there a colour in the sky or a distortion..?

IG - "I would say a distortion in the sky."

LN - Is there anything you could compare that to, like a whirlpool, or..?

After a long pause for thought, Ian replied simply; "Well... er... no.. I don't know... I've never seen anything like it!"

LN - On your drawing there, you have sort of drawn it.. is that how it was relative to Venus, so it was quite a big area in the sky, how big was it relative to the moon?

IG - "Oh yeah, it was bigger than the moon, yeah".

LN - "Wow, OK.. and there were no colours within it, or ...?"

IG - "No, there were no colours or anything, no.. I mean it was a really clear sky.."

LN - "and this object or craft ... did you see it emerge through... ?"

IG - "I would say it came through more of a distortion... yeah."

LN - "So it was there, but it was sort of twisted and appeared in that form...?"

IG - "That was when it formed into that circle."

LN - "So that was a sphere at that point then.. like a red-orange sphere (or circle) as you've drawn it? "

IG - "Yes, At this point I got my binoculars out."

LN - "That obviously brought things a bit closer for you?"

IG - "Oh yes, definitely! .. I saw a bit of shading that's all.. it was reddish-orange but I did see some dark shading on it... I took them away to shout my wife. She came over, she saw it... and next minute, (whistles, gestures upwards and laughs) it shot up!"

LN - " So she came and she saw it hovering... was the distortion... or portal.. thing, still present at that time?"

IG - "No, that had gone."

LN - "So, as this sphere or object appeared the distortion began to disappear, would that be right?"

IG - "Yeah.. that's right."

LN - "... Now, you said it straightened itself out when it came through.. what did you mean by that?"

IG - "Well it was sort of.. a bit skewed when it came through .. then it just sort of levelled up"

LN - "So the at that point it shot up vertically, essentially?"

IG - "It just stayed there.. it must’ve been there a few seconds for me to go get my binoculars out... I had to get them out of the box."

LN - "So you got your binoculars out, had a look... your wife had a look.. did she see it ascend as well?"

IG - "She saw it... (gestures upwards) set off, yeah."

LN - "You said that once it ascended vertically it hovered again, for a little bit?"

IG - " It hovered again and then it converted into this space ship, whatever it were.. flying saucer, whatever.. That’s virtually what it looked like. (Points to sketch) and it just shot off... at speed, and it was accelerating as it were going.."

LN - " At that point when it accelerated, would you say it was a slow acceleration... or?"

IG - "No, fast, it was fast!"

LN - "How fast?"

IG - " I would say twice the speed of a plane, you know .... it looked to be accelerating.. it seemed to be going faster, you know. "

VM - "Did you see anything through the portal, could you see any colours through it or was it just a distortion in the sky?"

IG - "It was just a distortion in the sky.. yeah.. it was like a swirling."

LN - "The other thing was, at the point when it's hovering and an orange sphere and it turns into a disc... how did that unfold... sort of.. the turning into aspect of it?"

IG - "It just sorted straightened itself up... only took a couple of seconds to (give a flipping over gesture)... you know. I had it in my sight all the time"

LN - "When it was a disc shape, was it still the same colour?"

IG - "Yeah. Now when it had gone high into the sky, it was very difficult to see that orangey/reddish colour.. it still looked like a disc but it was a bit darker up that way... not as bright."

VM - "We were wondering actually, have you and any strange dreams, or any strange things happen..?"

IG - "Not really, no.. I’m sat here with one eye on the TV and one on the sky now! (Laughs)”.

-End transcript-


Reconstruction. Credit: Victoria Morris, Incredible Creations Ltd.

We combined the view from Ian’s patio with his sketches, a sky map for the date/time and the correct moon phase, to create this image. After a few alterations, both Ian and Denise Gibbons commented that it was "spot on".

**Update: (Interview with Mrs Denise Gibbons)

Denise began by explaining her reluctance to speak publicity about the sighting:

DG - "Its because, you know how people can be really horrible and they take the micky.. and they make nasty comments? "

LN - "Yes I do."

DG - "That's what always been on my mind because I said oh no, don't tell anybody... and then he did say something and then there were all those horrible comments online about him being on drugs and drink and everything..."

LN - "Yes, for some reason this subject attracts all the jokers who feel it's ok to make nasty comments, which obviously, its not..."

DG - "Well, it just came up in conversation, because I though he had seen those lights... but he said maybe it was when he was getting the binoculars..?"

LN - "Yeah, maybe.. that's really interesting... and I realise that I should've spoken to you earlier, so I apologise for that. Could you give me your version of events then please? "

DG - "Well, everything was right regarding what Ian saw... but, I saw, going all the way round the object... I saw lights going all the way along. That's what I focused on, more on those lights. I've never seen anything like that before. Whereas, I think Ian focused more on it coming through that portal."

LN - "That's really interesting, so he called you mid way through, so at what point did you see it then. Did you see the portal?"

DG - "No, I was just watching TV, to be honest, I've never seen anything like that before in my life! And I just though, err.. those lights going all the way around it, I was fascinated by that really. "

LN - "Did it look like an oval to you at this point, or a circle?"

DG - "A circle."

LN - "It was circular, so that would be after it's turned, wouldn't it? And you said there were red lights all the way around, the outer circumference, would that be?"

DG - "Yeah, yeah, like underneath the thing if you will.

LN - "OK, you obviously saw it shoot up into the air then?"

DG - "Yeah, I saw it zoom off, really. That's what I saw."

LN - "Right, so I had already ascended vertically when you saw it then?

DG - "It had already come through and Ian said - oh come and look at this, I've never seen anything like it before! - Then he goes off for his binoculars.. so it was kind of... there... and then these lights appeared... and then I just saw it zoom off if you will. Towards, I'm not very good at directions.. toward Yorkshire way."

LN - "Yeah, Skipton we think. He was right, Ian.. it was North, or North-west."

DG - "I think he (Ian) wanted me to vouch for him, so people would know that there was definitely something there."

LN - "Just one last thing about the lights then, was it just a glow, or was it independent lights at the bottom and also were they shining down in any way, or were they just attached to the object?"

DG - "They were attached to the object, independent, all the way around. They were really bright!"

LN - "They would have been red whereas the object was orange, is that right? "

DG - "Yes, definitely red. So..."

LN - "OK, well thanks for speaking, I really appreciate that and we'll keep on touch."

End transcript -

New Sketch:

The image below was kindly put together by Ian to better help explain what Denise witnessed while he was away from the window finding his binoculars.

Sketch showing distribution of red lights. Credit: Ian Gibbons.

Sighting overview:

Let's look at the four distinct stages of this event in detail:

Stage 1 - The "portal":

Without doubt, one of the most significant and unusual aspects of this sighting is the description of a "swirling", "distortion" or "portal" in the sky prior to the UAP/UFO's appearance. Albert Einstein was probably the first physicist to postulate travel via space-time distortion using a 'wormhole' or 'Einstein-Rosen bridge' as it is technically known, but this technology remains way beyond our reach at present. In part due to the extreme amounts of energy required to generate such an event, in theory at least.

That said, Dr Eric Davis authored a theoretical paper entitled; Traversable Wormholes, Stargates and Negative Energy for the Defence Intelligence Agency's (DIA) 'Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program' (AAWSAP) in 2010, which contains the following quote:

"Traversable wormholes are creatures of classical relativity theory allowing for very comfortable travel through the cosmic neighbourhood. But from the viewpoint of modern physics the cosmic neighbourhood can encompass other universes, other space dimensions and other times beyond the four-dimensional spacetime realm. ... Wormholes can posses normal or backward (in special cases) motion through time and normal or nonexistential gravitational forces on space travellers, and their entry/exit openings (or throats) are spherically shaped, flat, cubic shaped, polyhedral shaped, generic shaped and so forth." (5)

Could it be possible that the "swirling distortion" observed by Ian Gibbons was in fact the 'throat' of a flat, or spherical Traversable wormhole? If so, such technology is certainly way beyond any foreign adversaries.

While it might seem like science fiction to many, such events are not without precedent. Notably at the Skinwalker ranch where former owner Terry Sherman witnessed; a triangular object emerge from an orange glowing "window" on one occasion and on another, saw what appeared to be a "blue sky" when looking at another “portal" through his rifle scope at night. Another 'portal' type event occurred, again at skinwalker ranch in 1997, where NIDS (6) investigators witnesses what appeared to be an entity "crawl through a tunnel" and run away, when using night vision equipment. As reported by George Knapp and Colm Kellerher in the book 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' (7)

Stage 2 - 'Emergence':

Ian has now clarified that what he saw emerge from the 'portal' was likely a disc (or saucer) shaped object which, first appeared in a vertical plane and "a bit skewed" to his position, giving the impression of an oval shape. He felt it strange that the object seemed to "hang there" while he got his binoculars out of the case (15 seconds?) and he wondered if some kind of time dilation effect was taking place.

The object then seemed to rotate or "right itself" presenting its top (or bottom?) directly towards Ian and giving the impression of a perfect circle, (See sketch). He estimated it was roughly one and a half miles away and at least "20 feet" in diameter.

This kind of mid-air rotation would be highly unusual for conventional aircraft and incredibly difficult to achieve. It has been seen before though, most notably in the 'Gimbal' UAP video, released by the Pentagon In 2017 and confirmed as a "genuine unknown".(8)

Stage 3 - Vertical ascent:

At this point the 'portal' had disappeared, Ian reached for his binoculars and called Denise to come and watch. He got a "clear view" of the object and they both watched in amazement as the object suddenly ascended vertically "in the blink of an eye" before hovering again.

It is not clear exactly how high the object ascended, but again, this is clearly a display of highly unconventional flight characteristics.

Stage 4 - 'Departure':

During this final stage the object again seemed to rotate in position, (this time in the horizontal plane,) before setting off "twice as fast" as an aircraft "towards Skipton". As it departed a classic ‘flying saucer’ shape, or a disc with a dome in top became apparent.

Here we have yet another an example of extraordinary performance. Twice the speed of a commercial airliner would equate to between 750/1000mph, much faster than the speed of sound (761mph), yet no 'sonic boom' was heard, indeed Ian heard no sound at all during the entire event.


Considering the above it seem clear that the testimony from Ian Gibbons meets at least three of the 'Five observables' identified by Luis Elizondo, former head of the United States government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, (AATIP) (9):

  1. Antigravity lift.
  2. Instantaneous acceleration.
  3. Hypersonic velocities without signatures.
    Not to mention what may be a rare first hand observation of space-time displacement, or multi dimensional technology at work.

Intriguingly, there are rumours that current owner of the Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal and his team, may have witnessed and possibly documented at least one 'portal event' on the ranch. This will apparently be revealed in the new season of 'The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’, airing later today. (4th May, US). (10)

The Pendle ‘Window area’:

As a long time researcher local to the area, I can say that this region has a rich history of unexplained aerial phenomena. For example, the object witnessed by Ian Gibbons would have travelled over an area called Carleton moor, which has been known since the 1980s as a 'UFO hotspot' (11) and close by a stretch of the A59 road between Bolton Abbey and Skipton which has generated numerous reports, many from serving Police officers. (12)

Then there is the nearby Pendle hill, famed for its Witch trails of 1612 (13), but also another site of frequent UFO/UAP reports. The most recent from 6th April this year filmed by Mick Proctor of Skywatch Explorer. (14) We also have many reports from the towns of Barnoldswick, Colne, Nelson, Burnley and more, some from newspapers archives dating to the 1900s. (15) Not to mention animal mutilations in nearby Cowling in 2001 (16) and Todmorden in 2002 and 2020. (17) For anybody interested in more information, I recently did an interview for the Paranormal Pendle Podcast, listen here.

As mentioned previously, Andrew Bradley, also a resident of Colne, had quite a dramatic experience in July, 2013. It is beyond the scope of the article, and we will return to it at a later date. For now, suffice to say that he witnessed what he took to be a “green triangular portal” with a “structured craft” nearby. Along with possible missing time and a close encounter with "three man sized spheres" which appeared to be filled with a "swirling gas". (18)

Unknown object. Credit: Lee Nicholson.

Appeals for additional witnesses have so far drawn a blank. That said, I had a personal sighting of a bright pulsing light operating in the same area as that witnessed by Ian Gibbons (East of Barnoldswick and North of Colne) at 12:28am on the 23rd of February. This object (pictured above)seemed to emit no sound and made two 180 degree turns before I lost sight of it heading South in the direction of Colne.

The search for witnesses continues and we would love to hear from anybody with additional information.

Visit: UFOs over Pendle for updates on sightings and experiences from this region.

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