10 Reasons why Stalin did not Orchestrate the Roswell Event

By Lee Nicholson (Originally published 2011)

In May, 2011, Annie Jacobsen, a journalist with the LA Times who specializes in security matters, caused quite a stir in the mainstream media with the publication of her new book: Area 51 - An uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.

Of particular note is the last chapter of her book which includes information from a single source who claims first hand knowledge regarding the infamous Roswell incident. The source - who according to researcher Anthony Bragalia might be former EG&G worker Alfred O'Donnell - claims to have been part of the team that received "the equipment" at Area 51 in 1951.

According to the book; craft, bodies and even survivors were indeed recovered at Roswell in 1947, but contrary to popular belief they were not extraterrestrial in nature, but rather, the team was told, the result of collaboration between Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and notorious Nazi Doctor, Josef Mengele.

Below, the reader will find ten reasons why the scenario told to workers at Area 51 does not make sense, and why it was most likely a cover story designed to conceal and protect the truth regarding the recovery at Roswell and what might be the most sensitive R&D program in existence today.


1. There is no evidence in the public domain to support the existence of an operational "flying disc" or "hover and fly technology" in Nazi or Soviet possession during the 1940s. The Horten 229 'Flying wing', while aerodynamically advanced, was constructed from plywood and steel and used conventional jet engines for propulsion.

2. The advanced 'shape memory' material reported by Major Jesse Marcell, Earl Fulford and others is vastly at odds with the material used for aircraft construction at the time.

3. Even if the Nazis had developed such advanced "EMF" propulsion systems, power plants and materials, it

seems highly unlikely that they would remain hidden — even from high level officials - after more that 60 years.

4. The "child sized aviators" were alleged to be surgically, or Genetically, modified to look like aliens. Given that the first Genetic engineering experiments didn't begin until the early 1970s we can rule that out. Surgically altering people in such an extreme and yet precise manner does not seem feasible either. Even more problematic, how is it that Mengler's "experiments" continue to be witnessed by people all around the world, over 60 years later?

5. If we accept that Stalin did indeed posses such advanced technology during the late 1940s, why did he not continue to build such craft? Clearly the flight characteristics witnessed during many 'flying disc' sightings of the period would out perform most aircraft available even today and would have provided an unparalleled advantage during the cold war.

6. According to Jacobsen's source, the program - reverse engineering a Horten flying wing variant - continued right up until at least the 1980s. Would it really take more than 30 years to reverse engineer what was essentially 1940s era technology?

7. On Page 376 Jacobsen writes: "Because two of the aviators were comatose but still alive, the men would have to transfer them into a Jell-O-like substance and stand them upright in two tubular tanks, attached to a life-support system."

Why would such an unusual life support system be used for what were allegedly just altered human beings? Surely just standard Coma life support would have sufficed?

8. Source claimed that he was shown Cyrillic writing on parts of the craft. Major Jesse Marcel was the Roswell Army Airfield Base Intelligence officer, such a position would surely require a familiarity with Cyrillic. Additionally why would the Soviets have painted Cyrillic on their “fake ET craft”?

9. Why would the Soviets have flown all the way inland to New Mexico, which was surely the most sensitive and guarded State in the US at that time, when a populated coastal city would have been much more convenient and suitable to their alleged objective.

10. Finally, it seems inconceivable that Stalin would literally hand over his most valuable and advanced technology to the US Military in the simple hope that it would cause mass hysteria.


If we accept the testimony provided to Annie Jacobsen by her source (O'Donnell?) then the fact that he was told, what seems to have been a bogus cover story, does not necessarily diminish his credibility. Here we have yet another source confirming that advanced technology was recovered in 1947, along with non human entities, both dead and alive. That the material was sent to Wright-Field and later on to Area-51/S-4 where reverse engineering continued until, at least, the 1980s.

Perhaps even more disturbing, Annie Jacobsen's source seems to confirm a complete lack of congressional oversight, in fact when asked if former President Bill Clinton had any knowledge of the S-4 facilility at Area 51, he replied; "I think he might have come very close, ... But they kept it from him." (Pg 380)

Considering all of the above, will Annie Jacobsen's book be enough to start an official investigation, restore the proper level of oversight, or even prompt a release of some of those dusty old Atomic Energy Commission files...? Will Barack Obama read the book...? Will we get the answers to this 63 year old mystery anytime soon...?

Time will tell, even if the 'secret keepers' won't.


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